•  Introduction of the project

Tiguidou, is a unique French-Canadian learning method, based on the story of the real life of Zahra Afsaneh Yaghtin and her daughter, Soha as immigrants to Canada. It includes grammar, conversation, listening and writing and also it is the best method to show Canadian life, including culture, traditions, tourism, geography, history, festivals, sports, education, financial and banking system, insurance, food, employment, entrepreneurship and company establishment, purchase of houses and cars, governmental and non-governmental systems through her life story.





. Why was Tiguidou created?

Afsaheh immigrated to Canada (one of the most important French-speaking countries in the world) as an immigrant, she had to learn French in order to integrate into Canadian society. She used different French learning methods, all of which were good but not enough.

Tiguidou is a genuine French Canadian word meaning excellent, indicating the uniqueness as well as the authentic Canadian nature of the method.



. Team members

Zahra Afsaneh Yaghtin, who immigrated to Canada in 2014 in Montreal, Quebec, with her daughter Soha, has been portrayed in the form of a book and videos.

To carry out a project of this magnitude, there are some professionals that partially stood by the main team to offer support in the field of film making and editing  whose activity fee is paid and in the next phases of the project will be outsourced with people with similar specialties.

The team includes ….

1- Zahra (Afsaneh) Yaghtin 

– the founder, creator and investor of the Tiguidou method based on her life story.

– Producer of all method texts and videos

– Producer of business plan and all texts and videos of project registration

2- Soha Manouchehri, daughter of Zahra Yaghtin, 

– one of the two main actors in the story of the Tiguidou method

-Collaborate in preparing teasers and photos of Tiguidou method

3- Michel Hamel, 

– French native professor 

– Education consultant

4- Steeve Tardif

-Producer of all texts and videos of Quebec idioms and dialects

-Producer of Canadian Lifestyle Texts and Videos

-Provider of online classes for the website

5- Special Thanks to Marie France Dubreil

– Canadian Olympic champion 

– Canadian sport Consultant 

6- Special Thanks to Cristina Nicola 

– Canadian Law consultant 




.The difference between this method and other methods:

There are three parts to presenting this system

1- Teaching French-Canadian grammar, conversation and writing

2- Visual display of Canadian lifestyle 

3- Teaching French-Quebec idioms and French-Canadian accents

In the multimedia section of this method, three animation masters named:

-Michael to show demos of French-Canadian grammar and conversation

-Anna for a Canadian lifestyle show

-Elena for teaching Quebec idioms and French-Canadian accents


. Products of this method

1- Tiguidou 1 main book includes French level A1. A2. B2 in 120 pages divided in 22 complete units

2- Tiguidou notebook includes Grammar, composition, conversation and listening in 80 pages divided in 22 complete units

3- DVD video and audio application to display all lessons and book contents in 22 complete units, movies, radio and audio





. Method features:

1- Website to provide free method demos and buy online classes

2- Purchase books and applications through Amazon

3-  YouTube channel for free method demos

4- Instagram channel for showing Canadian lifestyle and accent

5- Facebook channel for showing Canadian lifestyle and accent




Learning method:

To use this unique training method We have implemented 2 complete approaches.

1- Learning the method with a teacher:

A. Prepare the original book and exercise book and DVD

B. Each lesson begins with a text of a conversation about a part of an immigrant’s real life in different situations (airport / hotel / restaurant / shopping / bank / school / job search, etc.)

C. Play a video related to the lesson

D.  Questions related to the videos lessons and comprehension and grammar  questions

E. New words related to that lesson

F. Grammar related to that lesson with teacher training

G. Comprehension and Listening Exercises

H. Conversation exercises

I. Exercises related to practicing writing and letter writing

J. Teaching French dialects and idioms in Quebec and Canada

K. Canadian culture and lifestyle education

L. Doing the exercises from Tiguidou exercise book

M. Correcting the exercises in the notebook by the teacher

2- Learning the method in a self-taught way and without the need for a teacher

A. Accessing Tiguidou ready-made classes from the website www.TiguidouCanada.com

B. Accessing books and DVDs

C. Step-by-step implementation of a tutorial class that includes play a video related to reading the lesson and our online teacher explains it in English

D.Lesson questions and comprehension and grammar questions

E.New words related to that lesson

F.Grammar related to that lesson by the online teacher

G.Comprehension and Listening Exercises

H.Conversation exercises

I.Exercises related to practicing writing and letter writing

J.Teaching French dialects and idioms in Quebec and Canada by a native Quebec teacher online

K.Canadian culture and lifestyle education

L. Doing the exercises from Tiguidou exercise book

M. Correcting the exercises in the notebook by the our online teacher in website

These are Tiguidou’s rewards for our backers 

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Galaxy Tiguidou Reward

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