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Chakra therapy & Reiki Crystal therapy

Crystal Canada Therapy Centre in Montreal


7 Chakra Crystals clean negative energy of Chakras

Chakra color therapy Charges Chakras 

Reiki therapy replaces diseases energy with positive energy 

Peace & balancing energy of mind & body

Feeling satisfied with yourself and life

  To solve mental problems, stress, Anxiety, depression, insomnia …

To remove physical problems , headache, Migraine, backache, knee & feet pain, digestion problem, …

                                      chakra therapy & Reiki crystal therapy                   

Crystal Sound Pyramid

the most complete Energy therapy


Why chakra therapy & Reiki crystal therapy with Crystal sound pyramid?

The special shape of the pyramid has a wonderful structure that it strengthens the energy circulation.

Energy enters from the bottom of the pyramid and rotates upward in the pyramid, multiplying the action of energy purification.

In Japanese hospitals, they use therapy pyramid and Reiki therapy.

The pyramid creates a field of strong energy. So in Egypt pyramids the dead body never be ruined.

Crystal sound pyramid is made from clear quarts crystal and jade crystal and it is located on top of a bigger crystal pyramid (includes 7 chakra crystals, Amethyst, healing crystals and crystal Pendulums).

When you sit in center of the pyramid under crystal pyramid, you feel you are under a strong energy fall that cover all your body and Aura.  

Using smell therapy and chakra color therapy at the same time can be the best chakra therapy for you.

Crystal sound pyramid

Our services

Chakra therapy Package 1 : 60$ + Tax 


Crystal Reiki therapy

+ Cleaning chakra



Chakra therapy Package 2 : 90$ + Tax


Crystal Reiki therapy

Crystal Sound therapy

+ Full Chakra therapy 


Address : 1191 , 90th Ave, #300 Lasalle, Montreal


Take an appointment : 4389276262

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Our Courses

Physical classes

Starts on 15 Jan 2021 

Each course Price : 63$ + Tax 

Reservation class :  4389276262


Online classes

 Starts on 16 Jan 2021 

Each course Price : 36$ + Tax 

Class description

Cleaning Chakra /Auro therapy /Meditation therapy 

Self Reiki therapy/ Crystal therapy /Yoga therapy 

Activating 3th eye / 

online packages

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